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Capacitor in Automotive Applications
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Now, a lot of electronics products in life , automotive systems make extensive use of capacitors.  electrical current and circuits is becoming more important, the role of capacitors is expanding. Meanwhile, innovations in Multilayer ceramic capacitors are making these devices suitable for use in electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrids.

Worldwide manufacturing of EVs, a category consisting of both pure electric models and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, is expected to expand by a factor of a few during the coming years. Annual production will expand to 2.6 million according to a forecast from market research .The data reflects the increasing demand for electric vehicles among consumers.

Capacitors targeted at the car market mainly comply with the Automotive Electronics Council AEC-Q200 specification, which has emerged as the de facto standard for automotive-grade passive devices. Q200 defines operating temperatures for different types of passives, including capacitors used for varying purposes in cars.

Various types of capacitors can be found throughout automotive subsystems of all types of cars, SKW Capacitor suppliers  offer a range of automotive-grade devices used in convenience, safety and engine control unit applications.

For example, the SUN KAM WAH  multilayer  capacitors are employed in convenience systems like air conditioning, window wipers and motors used for automatic windows, seats and other purposes. These devices also are employed in key safety and control systems like power steering, airbag controls and braking systems.

In these vehicles, multilayer ceramic capacitors and high volyage MLCC capacitors are used in drive-train applications including boost inverters, DC/DC converters, motor inverters, on-board chargers and wall chargers.

With their widespread use in conventional ICE cars, along with the strong potential for growing usage in EV vehicles, multilayer ceramic capacitors  will continue to be a key component in the automotive market.

SKWIE Electronics will produce large-size 1812 and 2220 series lead ceramic capacitors by starting from material selection, with professional and independent automatic production lines, and provide customers with a variety of small, large-capacity, high-reliability and 8KV High voltage multilayer ceramic capacitor products to meet customer needs.