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A popular passive component
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A popular passive component - leaded ceramic capacitors,passive components refer to an electronic component, but also a passive device, the most common are resistors, capacitors, inductors three kinds of capacitors.Active devices are devices that require energy (electrical) sources, and passive devices are devices that do not require an energy (electrical) source. Active devices are generally used for signal amplification, transformation, etc.Passive devices are used for signal transmission or "signal amplification" through directivity.

                Ceramic capacitors are the most common component in electronic circuits and are passive components that store electrical energy. The passive component acts as a circuit component that does not affect the signal, but only passes the signal through without being altered.The position of passive components in the entire computer industry is the same as IC, located upstream, and is an indispensable basic component in electronic products.Relative to active components, passive components do not change in resistance and impedance when the voltage changes.

                   Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are one of the types of ceramic capacitors.Ceramic capacitors MLCCs are due to their small size, large relative capacitance, low loss rate and high stability during high-frequency use, which are suitable for the future of thin and thin electronic products.MLCC is quite promising in the current prospects for the development of intelligent technology, mainly used in motherboards, notebook computers, mobile phones, scanners, optical drives and modems and other consumer electronic devices.It is commonly used in coupling, bypass filtering, feedback, timing and oscillation. The characteristics of capacitors in a circuit are nonlinear.Capacitors are mainly used for charge storage, AC filtering or bypass, cutting off or blocking DC voltage, providing tuning and oscillation, etc., and are widely used in circuits such as pass-through AC, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loops, energy conversion, control, etc.

                   Our prices are quite competitive in the market. For SMD multilayer ceramic capacitors, we produce two series, low voltage chip multilayer ceramic capacitors and high voltage chip multilayer ceramic capacitors. For chip multilayer ceramic capacitors, we offer size from 0402-2225, voltage from 10V to 5000V, dielectric materials include NPO, COG,X7R,X7S, Y5V.