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                                                         Advantages of Radial Leads Ceramic Capacitors

       With the progress of science and technology and the development trend of 5G, the demand for ceramic capacitors is increasing, in 2018 exceeded 2 billion, in the package pcb board electronic components, SMD type is the mainstream products, of which, Multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors for major passive components make a significant contribution to the small and lightweight ingestification of electronic devices. In addition, multi-layer ceramic capacitors with wires are also used for a variety of purposes because of their advantages and expertise, in recent years, in the field of use of strict conditions in the automotive industry, multilayer ceramic capacitors with wires as a product to compensate for the weakness of SMD ceramic capacitors, and once again received the attention of the electronics industry, Today we are analyzing the differences between the two multilayer ceramic capacitors, their application and their impact on the scientific community and contributions.


       Let's analyze the similar products of multilayer ceramic capacitors - radial leads ceramic capacitors, many design engineers will choose MLCC, in fact, there is a capacitor it is more durable than MLLC, and it can make up for the weakness of MLCC, they can not be compared to each other, Because they are equally good and wide-ranging in scope, and are adjacent "good neighbors" on the PCB board.

       Radial lead ceramic capacitor is an upgraded version of the prototype of MLCC, MLCC is the raw material, in the external electrode of the MLCC through the solder process, combined with two wires, and then through the high temperature package can achieve moisture-proof and high-temperature resin coating, such ceramic capacitors not only have the advantages of MLCC performance, It also combines the effect of reducing mechanical and thermal loads with wires. Due to mechanical and thermal load caused by PCB plate bending will lead to packaging on the PCB board MLCC solder joint part cracking and other problems, MLCC cracking will lead to performance reduction, and when the short circuit will lead to heat, smoke, fire, etc. , in the use of the process gradually developed into a short-circuit. The wire of the radial lead ceramic capacitor can effectively absorb the gravity caused by the bending of the PCB plate and avoid solder cracking.
      Radial lead ceramic capacitors have the unique advantage that they can be used in areas where PCB boards are not used and can be extremely effective in conditions that require small space or where they want to save space and have height limitations. Excellent results can also be achieved in areas such as bypass and smooth capacitors for switching power supplies, buffer circuits, PFC input filters, etc., where small and space-saving areas are more demanding, as well as in areas with height limits. With the popularity of wire capacitors, radial lead ceramic capacitors are now widely used in automotive, consumer, communications, networking, industrial applications, medical ventilators and other fields.