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Industrial components-2500V High Voltage MLCC
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                                                 Industrial components-2500V High Voltage MLCC

      High value, low leakage and small size are difficult parameters to obtain in capacitors for high voltage systems. SKWIE special high voltage MLCC chips capacitors meet these performance characteristics and are designed for applications such as snubbers in high frequency power converters, resonators in SMPS, and high voltage coupling/dc blocking. These high voltage chip designs exhibit low ESRs at high frequencies. Larger physical sizes than normally encountered chips are used to make high voltage MLCC chips products. Special precautions must be taken in applying these chips in surface mount assemblies. 

SKWIE high voltage components are offered in various styles including surface mount MLCC chips for high voltage systems up to 9KVDC and large size to 3035 chips capacitors .These capacitors present high value, small case size and low leakage characteristics.

SKWIE Manufactures High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors for a wide variety of applications.  Our 12,500 square feet facility serves a variety of Domestic and International markets.  Since 2003, SKWIE has specialized in High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors for industries ranging from Commercial, Military, High Reliability Space Level, and Geophysical.30+ years experience in the High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor manufacturing, SKWIE has provided  to Technology the ability to develop high quality reliable based manufactured components. The wide variety of applications where the  High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor can be employed include industries such as Geothermal, Geophysical, Military and Commercial Aerospace, and Medical. 
We proudly provide our customers with High Quality Materials, On-time Delivery, and Competitive Pricing with lean manufacturing principles.  Our team looks forward to working with you.

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