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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
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* Small size, large capacity, suitable for automatic installation of rolls (woven) with packaging.
* Epoxy encapsulation for excellent moisture resistance, mechanical strength and heat resistance.
*Industrial production of standard sizes and a variety of foot products.
*The temperature characteristics and frequency characteristics are good. The general capacitance will decrease with the increase of the frequency, while the monolith decreases less and the capacity is relatively stable.

>> Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
>> Chips Capacitor (MLCC)
>> Axial Leads Capacitor

Product description

Class I medium
Class I medium Class I COG, capacity range: 0.5pF~0.1uF Electrical performance: The electrical performance is the most stable, and it hardly changes with temperature, voltage and time. Application: Suitable for high-frequency circuits with low loss and high stability requirements, such as filters, vibrators and timing circuits.

Class II media
X7R Capacity range: 100pF~22uF Electrical performance: It has a high dielectric constant, and its capacity can be higher than that of Class I capacitors, with stable temperature characteristics.
Application: Suitable for circuits with wide capacity range and low stability requirements, such as DC blocking, coupling, bypass and frequency discrimination.

Z5U(E) Capacity range: 1nF~10 Electrical performance: Temperature characteristics between X7R and Y5V, capacity stability is relatively poor, sensitive to temperature, voltage and other conditions
Application: Suitable for bypass, coupling, etc. requiring high capacity, temperature range close to room temperature, and low DC bias circuit.

Y5V (Y/F) Capacity range: 1nF~10 Electrical performance: The dielectric constant is the largest, but the temperature characteristics are poor, for temperature, voltage and other conditions
More sensitive. Application: Suitable for circuits that require large capacity and little temperature change.

Typical application:

Modern digital circuit cache / vehicle electronics / High frequency oscillating circuit / accelerator / Household appliances / LED / precision instrument

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