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Product features

* The main specifications are: 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206; and large specifications 1210, 1808, 1812, 2220, 2225, 3012, 3035, etc.
* Capacity range: 0.5pF to 100uF, of which the capacity is above 1uF for large-capacity capacitors.
*Rated voltage: from 4V to 6KV (DC), when the rated voltage is 100V and above, it is classified as medium and high voltage products.

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Product description
Capacitor and media type:
※High frequency class: Capacitors of this type of dielectric material are class I capacitors, including general purpose high frequency COG, COH capacitors and temperature compensated high frequency.
HG, LG, PH, RH, SH, TH, UJ, SL capacitors. Among them, COG and COH capacitors have the most stable electrical performance, almost no temperature and voltage.
And time changes, suitable for high-loss circuits with low loss and high stability requirements, HG, LG, PH, RH, SH, TH, UJ, SL capacitors
The device's capacity varies with temperature and is suitable for use in low loss, temperature compensated circuits.

※ X7R, X5R: Capacitors of such dielectric materials are class II capacitors, which have a high dielectric constant and a higher capacity than class I capacitors.
Stable temperature characteristics, suitable for circuits with wide capacity range and low stability requirements, such as DC blocking, coupling, bypass, and frequency discrimination.

※Y5V: The capacitor of this type of dielectric material is a type II capacitor, which is the capacitor with the largest dielectric constant of all capacitors, but its capacity stability is better.
Poor, sensitive to temperature, voltage and other conditions, suitable for circuits that require large capacity and little temperature change.

※Z5U: The capacitor of this type of dielectric material is a class II capacitor with a temperature characteristic between X7R and Y5V. The capacity stability is poor.
Conditions such as voltage are sensitive, suitable for circuits requiring large capacity, using a temperature range close to room temperature, bypass, coupling, etc., with low DC bias.



Typical application:

Vehicle electronics / Card reader / Payment machine / Technology

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