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Axial Leads capacitor


Monolithic capacitors are characterized by small volume and large capacity, suitable for automatic mounting of coils, and monolithic capacitors are encapsulated in epoxy resin, which has excellent moisture resistance, mechanical strength and heat resistance, large capacity and temperature characteristics. Well, the working voltage and capacity error range is stable, in line with industrial production standard size, suitable for automatic installation.

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Product description

Energy storage exchange
The axial monolithic capacitor generates and applies an electric energy through its charging and discharging process, which is mainly based on a large-capacity type II monolithic capacitor, and in some cases can even replace a small aluminum electrolytic capacitor and a tantalum electrolytic capacitor.
● Blocking through (bypass and coupling)
The capacitor shows the phenomenon of charging at both ends through the regular steering of the AC, so in the circuit it can connect other components in parallel to make the AC pass, and the DC is blocked and acts as a bypass. In the AC circuit, the monolithic capacitor charges and discharges in accordance with the polarity change of the input signal, so that the circuit connected to both ends of the monolithic capacitor exhibits a conductive state and functions as a coupling.
● Frequency discrimination filter
In an AC circuit, for a multi-frequency mixed signal, the axial monolithic capacitor will partially separate it, using a monolithic capacitor of reasonable capacitance to filter out most of the low-frequency signal, mainly at high frequency or super high. The unipolar capacitor is dominant.
● Suppression of surge voltage
Since the monolithic capacitor is an energy storage component, it can remove those transient surge signals in the circuit, and can also absorb the excess energy generated by the voltage fluctuations in the circuit. The filtering is mainly based on high frequency products. .

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